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        Risen focuses on professional wireless communication field as main business, creates distinctive value for professional customers by professional wireless communication equipment, systems solutions and services, to become a strong competitor in global professional communications enterprise group.
        Risen pursues to rank first by technology innovation, stable quality, and quality service. Insist on technology innovative thinking of "to explore the unknown, to pursue the perfection", to create a professional accumulate atmosphere, advocate understanding and meeting the different needs of professional customers to win long-term trust from them.
        Risen places customers, employees and partners as integral parts in company value system, self-shaping while creating value for employees and partners. With deep understanding of its customers, continuous innovation capability and good service, Risen provides cost-effective, attractive products and service for customers. Risen achieves company’s long-term value by reasonable and sustainable profit model. Risen adheres to the "integrity, quality, service, innovation" concept, promote the company's development through continuing to meet customers’ demands, promote staffs development through the sustainable development of the company; Risen insists on growing together with the staffs, so that staffs can share the success and harvest of the company. Risen expects to win the respect and trust from partners by reputation of integrity and efficient operation, and to establish long-term win-win cooperation.
        Core Values
Risen adhere to culture concept of "Integrity, quality, service, innovation". To establish our own unique enterprise culture, arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, so that employees can find their positions in the work, to realize their value, and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.
        ● Integrity:
Reflected in the mutual relationship among customers, enterprise, employees, suppliers, which is the basis for cooperation and survival;
        ● Quality:
        Embodied in products and services, the pursuit of excellence in quality, is the core competitiveness of enterprises;
        ● Service:
Reflected in the customers and employees, excellent service reflects the enterprise humanity, and the basis for win-win;
        ● Innovation:
Reflected in the long-term development, continuous improvement is the key for enterprises strength.

        ● Team Building
Company’s development relies on team cohesion. Only obey the overall situation, can complement each other, build consensus, cooperate close, individual together into a whole, to form strong team cohesion.
        The team fully consulates and listens to comments and suggestions from all parts in the decision-making process, once decision made, all members must resolutely implement; In the implementation process, subordinates should obey their superiors, the individual should be loyal to the team.
        Team has clear work objectives and development direction, all the members around this target to take responsibility, cooperate with each other and timely fill the vacancy.

        People should take the initiative to integrate into the team, to win great cooperation from others, take the initiative to help, guide member for common progress.

        Development and Growth

        Adhere to the company and staff's common development, be of one heart and one mind, to struggle and grow together.

        We respect every employee's value, and try to provide broad space and platform for the development of occupation. The company cares about each employee's life, and try to provide humanized care and help.

        Risen insists that employees can share the enterprise development profits, manage to distribute according to work, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.

         The growth of employees is taken into the company's development plan, make the employees recognize enterprise culture and development goal, make core value as a common concept, in the road of development of the growth, to harvest progress and honor together with the company.

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