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Quanzhou Government Accelerates the Development of Digital Radio Industry

In early July 2011, Quanzhou City Government promulgated the "Opinions on accelerating the development of digital radio industry in Quanzhou City", and proposed strive to 2015, the digital radio industry output value exceeded 10 billion Yuan, an average annual increase of 38%, cultivating two or more listed companies.
        Quanzhou is currently the world's largest production base of analog radio industry, accounting for 80% of the national production of radios, analog walkie-talkie and accessories production enterprises reach n more than 200, with an annual output of about 7 million units analog radio, but they are low-end products, low value. China has entered a period of strategic opportunities radio development, according to the Ministry of deployment, analogue radio ceased new Type Approval by the end of 2010, by 2015 analog radios will be fully withdrawn from the market, meaning that the next five years analog radios will be completely replaced digital radios, there are 70 million units of "digital" walkie-talkie for domestic market capacity, market size of nearly 100 billion Yuan, it is even with greater potential in international digital radio market development.
        Provincial Information Bureau fully supports the Quanzhou "analog to digital", and actively strive National Radio Authority, Departments of Industry and Information Technology Division, Electronics Division and other support, to develop independent property core chip, and strive for digital radio and other radio transmitting equipment, research business services, "State Radio Monitoring Center of Fujian laboratory testing center" settled in Quanzhou, apply for increasing digital radios, 3G mobile phones and other radio transmitting equipment detected accreditation approval. Quanzhou seizes the current opportunity for digital radio development, as an upgrade to promote economic restructuring, an important initiative to achieve leapfrog development. That "Twelve Five" period from special funds to support the following scale industrial enterprises growing 30% per year cut out, focused on digital radio chip development and other industrial development and technology with a significant role in promoting, equipment modification and new product development. Specific policy measures with eight aspects twenty-two items, including: Give a one-time award 2 million Yuan for company capturing key technology of digital radio clips; participation in the development of international standards, national standards (top eight), the industry standard (ranking before 5) of the unit, according to the provisions of special funds were given to subsidies; to obtain high-tech enterprise certificate digital radio enterprises, reduced rate of 15% corporate income tax; on new investment over 10 million Yuan and over one million in taxes digital radio business, financial reward from the beneficiary, the first two years to reward local part of the corporate income tax of 50%, after three years to reward local retained 30% corporate income tax section. More than 100 million Yuan of new investment, the implementation of "one enterprise one proposed" to increase reward efforts; on annual sales revenue of over 500 million Yuan to set up a new digital radios corporate headquarters, regional headquarters, the implementation of "one enterprise one proposed" , given increasing support financial benefit; to get approved by the state authority's assessment of China World Brand digital radio business, shall be given a one-time award three million Yuan; digital radio companies to get listed, shall be given appropriate support.

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