RS-110M 5W AIS Net Locator

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High Precision and Fast Receiving GPS Positioning

Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery

User-friendly Charging Instruction

Send Battery Power Information in Real Time

Send AIS Positioning Data in Real Time

Widely Used for Search, Anti-collision, etc

Battery Power Can be Displayed at Shipborne AIS Interface

Send Location Information for AIS Receiver to Display on Charts


RF Frequency : 161.975MHz/162.025MHz

Bandwidth : 25KHz

Frequency Spacing : 25KHz

Modulation Mode : GMSK

RF Power : 5W

RF Current : ≤1.5A

Li-ion Battery Capacity : 3000mAh

Operating Voltage : DC 7.4V

Operating Temperature : -20℃ ~+60℃

Dimensions (W × H×D) : 68×212×65mm

Weight : 307g

Communication Range : About 7nm (Nautical Miles)

GPS Data Update Time (Adjustable) : 1~30 Minutes, Factory Default Setting 3 Minutes

Standby Time : ≥15 Days

RA-110M Antenna


AD-110M AC Adaptor