corporate vision

  Risen focuses its main business in the field of professional wireless communication, creating unique value for professional customers with professional wireless communication equipment, system solutions and services, and has become a strong competitor in the global professional communications industry.

  Risen pursues to win with technological innovation, win with quality and win with quality service. Adhere to the innovative thinking of “exploring the unknown and pursuing perfection” in technology, creating a professional atmosphere of accumulation and promotion, and advocating understanding and meeting the different needs of professional customers to win the long-term trust of professional customers.

  Risen sees customers, employees and partners as an integral part of the company's value system, while shaping itself and creating value for employees and partners. With deep understanding of customers, continuous innovation and good service, Risen provides customers with cost-effective and attractive products and services. Risen achieves the company's long-term value through a reasonably sustainable profit model. Risen adheres to the concept of “integrity, quality, service and innovation”, promotes the company's development by continuously satisfying the needs of customers, and promotes the growth of employees through the continuous development of the company; Risen insists on growing together with employees and allows employees to share the success and gains of the company. Risen expects to win the respect and trust of partners with good reputation and efficient operation, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship of mutual benefit.

  core value

  Risen adheres to the cultural concept of “integrity, quality, service and innovation”. Establishing a corporate culture with its own characteristics, stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, enabling employees to identify their own positions in their work, continuously realize their own value, and enhance the cohesiveness of the company.

  ●Integrity: It is reflected in the mutual relationship, which is the basis of cooperation and survival throughout the relationship between enterprises, customers, suppliers and employees.

  ●Quality: Reflected in products and services, the pursuit of excellence is the embodiment of the company's core competitiveness;

  ● Service: reflected in the customer, employees, excellent service is the embodiment of the enterprise humanization, but also the basis of win-win and win-win;

  ●Innovation: It is reflected in the long-term development, which is continuous improvement and continuous improvement. It is the key to whether the enterprise can be strong.

  Team building

  The company's development relies on the cohesiveness of the team. Only by obeying the overall situation can we complement each other, build consensus, and cooperate closely. Individuals will gather together to form a strong team cohesion.

  The team fully solicits and listens to the opinions and suggestions of the parties in the decision-making process. Once the decision is made, all members must resolutely execute; in the process of implementation, the subordinates must obey the superiors and the individuals must be loyal to the team.

  The team has a clear work goal and development direction, and all members take responsibility, cooperate with each other and make up the position in time.

  Individuals should actively integrate into the team, win the cooperation of others, take the initiative to help and guide the members to make progress together.

  Development and growth

  The company insists on developing together with employees, working together, working together and growing together.

  The company respects the value of each employee and strives to provide a broad career development space and platform. The company cares about the lives of every employee and tries to provide humane care and help.

  Risen insists on sharing the profits brought by enterprise development with employees, and tries to distribute according to work, effectively stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.

  Risen incorporates the growth of employees into the company's development plan, and enables employees to recognize Risen's corporate culture and development goals. With core values as a common philosophy, the company will harvest progress and honor with the company on the road of development and growth.