Our company participated in Quanzhou "Radio Cup" mountaineering competition

News | 07-17 16:41


  On September 20th, Quanzhou Radio Administration held a large-scale publicity campaign for the “Radio Cup” mountaineering competition in Quanzhou in Qingyuan Mountain, a national key scenic spot in Quanzhou. Nearly 150 people from 45 units including key radio units and radio launching equipment manufacturers in Quanzhou participated in the mountaineering competition. Four of us participated in the competition. Deputy Secretary-General Lin Qiwei of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government visited the competition site to inspect and guide and fired the gun.

  During the competition, our staff carried forward the spirit of “friendship first, competition second” and achieved excellent results. Through the organization of mountaineering competitions, the radio management laws and regulations were further promoted, the radio management business and knowledge were popularized, the communication between radio production enterprises was enhanced, and a good public opinion atmosphere for the healthy development of the radio industry was created.