Analog walkie-talkie to digital walkie-talkie triggered a major change in the walkie-talkie industry

News | 07-17 10:30


  In the field of professional wireless communication, in recent years, there has been a wave of analog to digital in the world. Especially in the past two years, with the maturity of technology and the growth of demand, the digital walkie-talkie application process has been greatly accelerated. As of last year, it has accounted for more than 50% of the market share, and the “modulo-turning number” has become an unstoppable trend. In 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also issued a document requesting that the 150MHz and 400MHz band analog walkie-talkies be withdrawn from the market within six years, and promote the popularization of digital walkie-talkies.

  Compared with analog walkie-talkies, digital walkie-talkies have the characteristics of high frequency utilization, low interference, high communication quality, rich business functions and easy management. They are very popular in public safety, transportation and logistics. However, for the price-sensitive commercial market, the popularity of digital walkie-talkies is not so smooth.

  In fact, in today's information society, commercial users are increasingly inseparable from the protection of professional wireless communications in the face of fierce market competition and efficient enterprise management. In addition to low price, wide coverage, simple and convenient operation, users of digital audio transceivers in different industries have more specific requirements, such as light and beautiful, good confidentiality and good waterproofness. It should be highly valued by walkie-talkie manufacturers. In the digital age, you can't just rely on one product to "pack the world", you need "combination boxing" to impress the user's heart.

  Leading the new trend of digital design

  In order to meet the arrival of the digital intercom era, Hainengda is about to launch a new series of digital products, with different characteristics to meet the specific needs of users in the market segment. This series of three products, for different commercial markets, is mainly designed, voice call and security performance, while maintaining price competitiveness, each has its own distinctive features.

  In terms of design, one of the products for hotels, high-level clubs, exhibitions and other markets uses a built-in antenna design to make the walkie-talkie more compact, beautiful and easy to carry. It can be said to be a revolutionary walkie-talkie design.

  For a long time, the walkie-talkies have adopted external antennas. Although the signal reception has been strengthened, the appearance is uniform and has no special features. When used in some high-end and fashionable places, it is not in harmony with the overall environment. The new model's innovative built-in antenna, high power, still enables long-distance calls, and supports one-handed operation, very convenient.

  From the X1p walkie-talkie, I won the favor of Hollywood blockbuster "Speed and Passion 6", helping the story to turn around. Users have already experienced the industrial design strength of Hainengda's consumer electronics products. The design of new products will once again attract users' attention. . In the case of Hainengda, the walkie-talkie is not only a work-specific communication tool, but also a fashionable and beautiful technology product.

  Digital voice will become the new standard of business

  Hainengda's new series of commercial products adopt the PDT standard, which is compatible with digital models and covers a wide range. In addition to excellent design, a new model for users in the supermarket, property, security and other fields, with a unique sound cavity design, built-in large speaker, especially using DMO True 2-Slot technology, support in the pass-through mode The double-slot call can solve the problems that the analog walkie-talkie is susceptible to interference and packet busy, which improves the call quality and saves the user's valuable time.

  With the advancement of “modulo-rotation number”, commercial users will have more and more demand for digital walkie-talkies, and digital voice will become the new standard in the commercial market. DMO True 2-Slot digital voice technology will make the "digital intercom" concept truly deep into the hearts of business users.

  In addition to the DMO True 2-Slot technology, the new model also features IP67 waterproof rating, security features such as remote monitoring and advanced encryption, and can be developed twice to meet the high-end business needs of users. Products in the commercial segment.

  The digital era captures the core needs of users and gains the recognition of users. It is a compulsory course for walkie-talkie companies. On the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment, the series of digital new products that it has created will be officially launched to the market in the near future. How it will lead the new demands of business users is worthy of close attention.