Advantages of digital walkie-talkies

News | 07-24 15:11

  The digital walkie-talkie is a data communication mode that digitizes voice signals, uses specific digital coding methods and specific baseband modulation forms, and is optimized by a digital signal processor.

1.Digital walkie-talkies can make better use of spectrum resources. Similar to cellular digital technology, digital walkie-talkies can load more users on a given channel and improve spectrum utilization, which is a solution to frequency crowding.



  2. Improve call quality. Because digital communication technology has in-system error correction function, it can achieve better voice and audio quality in a wider range of signal environments than analog walkie-talkies, and it will receive less audio noise and more sound. Clear.

  3. Improve and improve voice and data integration, and change the weakness of control signals as the communication distance increases.