Domestic digital walkie-talkie chip successfully developed in Fujian to help industrial upgrade

News | 07-17 16:32


The technological transformation of China's radio communication private network has made a breakthrough, and domestic digital walkie-talkie chips have been successfully developed in Fujian.

Fujian Information Technology Bureau said on the 13th that the walkie-talkie industry ranked first in the country in Fujian, successfully developed digital walkie-talkie chips, filling the gap in the domestic core technology independent research and development in the industry, the relevant parties drafted the Chinese digital walkie-talkie ARC standard also passed the country Standards committee review.

Previously, Fujian has established strategic and technical cooperation with the National Wireless Broadband Private Network Industry Alliance to jointly develop digital walkie-talkie technology and develop national standards. At the same time, Fujian actively strives for the state to support the construction of the core technology R&D and industrialization demonstration base in Fujian, and establishes the Fujian Mobile Communication Industry Alliance.

It is reported that 95% of the intercoms currently used in China are analog walkie-talkies, while digital walkie-talkies rely mainly on imports. "The chip is at the top of the industrial chain, mastering the chip, standing at the commanding heights of the industry, can break the monopoly of foreign companies in the digital walkie-talkie industry."

At present, the number of analog walkie-talkies produced in China accounts for more than 70% of the world's total, while Quanzhou, Fujian is the world's largest production base. There are more than 200 companies producing analog walkie-talkies and accessories, with an annual output of about 7 million analog walkie-talkies. They are low-end products with low production value.

According to the analysis, the digital walkie-talkie will completely replace the analog walkie-talkie in the next five years. There are only 70 million digital walkie-talkies in China, and the market size is nearly 100 billion yuan. Such a large market scale has also made Fujian's walkie-talkie industry face an urgent choice in the face of the "digital walkie-talkie to replace analog walkie-talkie" industry transformation.

According to the Fujian Provincial Informatization Bureau, the “model-to-turn” work has been in the preparatory stage since 2007. On September 13, the Ministry of Information Industry issued the “Requirement on the Release of the Radio Frequency Technical Specifications for Digital Intercom System Equipment” (Trial) The notice was officially promoted from December 2009, when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on the Relevant Matters Concerning Frequency Planning and Use Management of 150MHz and 400MHz Bands.

Fujian is looking forward to using this opportunity to drive the emergence of more than 100 billion emerging communication industry clusters. At present, the frequency planning of the dedicated interphone frequency in the 150MHz and 400MHz frequency bands has been carried out in Fujian, providing policy measures for the implementation of the "modulation number" project, and also providing support for the development of the industry.

At the recent “Fujian Private Enterprise Industry Project Negotiation Meeting”, Liantuo Technology attracted attention with the investment of RMB 3 billion in the Quanzhou digital walkie-talkie industry project. According to reports, the company independently developed a digital walkie-talkie chip and ancillary product solutions. The dedicated chip features high-performance implementation of vocoder software codec, high-reliability receiving anti-jamming technology, and automatic control technology. Once the technology was released, it attracted the attention of nearly 80 walkie-talkie manufacturers across the country.

At present, the National Radio Monitoring Center is about to put into use the National Radio Equipment Testing Laboratory in Quanzhou; Quanzhou proposes that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, 30% of the special funds such as growth-oriented industrial enterprises below the scale will be cut and used. To support the development of digital walkie-talkie chips and technology introduction, equipment transformation and new product development that have a significant role in promoting the industry, and to grasp the leading role in the development of digital walkie-talkie industry.

It is interesting to note that the cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan digital walkie-talkie industry has also become a big expectation of “modular rotation”. Quanzhou City has proposed to encourage digital and audio-visual enterprises with high technical content and strong industrial driving to settle in Quanzhou, and establish a cooperation mechanism between Quantai industry associations to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation of Quantai digital walkie-talkie industry.