Risen Company was established

News | 07-17 16:53

  On June 1, 2011, Quanzhou Risen Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established. The company is mainly engaged in radio communication related products such as hand-held walkie-talkies, walkie-talkie, walkie-talkie, wireless hand microphone, piggyback radio, repeater and so on. According to the actual situation of the company, the company's leadership has formulated a strategic development plan for near-term integration, medium-term improvement, and long-term improvement.

  The company's operation management strives for a high starting point and operates with a high standard of modern management system. The company will strictly manage according to the ISO9001 quality management system, do a good job in internal management, cultivate good internal strength, and strive for excellence in product quality, product service and other aspects.

  The company will take the market sales as the leader and product research and development as support to drive product manufacturing and quality control. The company will further plan the product line, keep up with new technologies, develop more competitive products, find new growth points, and constantly introduce new and improved technologies, processes and quality.

  The company will continue to attach importance to the training of talents in various fields, especially professional and technical personnel, and will build a more mature and stable talent echelon construction mechanism, and improve recruitment, employment, training and other aspects.

  On the basis of the good development of the communication business unit for several consecutive years, after integrating some resources of the supply chain center, the company is even more powerful. Under the leadership of general manager Hong Jinxing, all employees will start a new round of entrepreneurship and hard work. I wish Risen Company to thrive and create brilliant!