Intercom dedicated frequency planning Fujian Kai video conference comments

News | 07-17 16:27

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  Recently, the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau (provincial Radio Management Office) held a meeting for the special frequency planning of walkie-talkies. The meeting was conducted through a video conferencing system. The supervisors and frequency station management staff and bureaus of the radio bureaus of various districts and cities in Fujian Province All personnel of the Radio Frequency Station Management Office, relevant personnel of the relevant office and members of the frequency planning team attended the meeting. Deputy Director Yan Xiaodong of the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The President of the Provincial Radio Management Association, Lu Zhongxian, attended the meeting.

  The meeting first heard the briefings of the planning plan, and then the participants presented some constructive comments and suggestions on the smooth transition of the “simulation” to the “digital”.

  In accordance with the Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Issues Concerning the Frequency Planning and Use Management of the Dedicated Interphones for the 150MHz 400MHz Band (No. [2009] No. 666 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), it is designed to meet the 150, 400MHz walkie-talkies for important frequency units in the province for a period of time. Frequency demand, the Fujian Provincial Information Technology Bureau started the special frequency planning work for walkie-talkies in March this year. Based on the preliminary frequency demand survey, combined with the layout of emerging industries in Fujian Province, statistical analysis was carried out, and the walkie-talkie for Fujian Province was completed. First draft of the frequency planning plan.

  The frequency planning for walkie-talkies in Fujian Province not only fully considers the frequency requirements for special purposes such as public safety, safe production, disaster reduction and disaster relief, but also takes into account the frequency demand of the public, tries to solve the imbalance of frequency utilization in different frequency bands, and promotes the good supervision of walkie-talkies. Promote the development of the walkie-talkie industry, meet the needs of technology development and emerging industries, and reserve emergency-specific frequencies.

  After listening to the speeches of the delegates, Deputy Director Yan Xiaodong fully affirmed the work of the planning team and put forward specific revision opinions on the preliminary draft of the special frequency plan for walkie-talkies, emphasizing five requirements: First, to further understand the significance of frequency planning work; second, frequency Planning should adapt to the needs of new technology development and its application; third, frequency planning should better meet the special needs of society for frequency; fourth, frequency planning should be conducive to promoting industrial development; fifth, frequency planning should be ensured to ensure the focus general.